The Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre is undergoing construction at Kallithea, 4 km to the south of the centre of Athens. A major cultural and educational project, the site will house the national Library of Greece and the Greek national Opera in a 17 hectare landscaped park.

The site is built on the location of a car park left vacant by the 2004 Olympic Games. Once finished, the project will restore the continuity that has been lost between the city and the sea.

In partnership with our Italian distributor, ASCOREL has equipped the entire site with its MC 602 Anti-Collision system. In July 2014, a big concert was held on the site, during which the cranes swayed to the beat of the music, controlled by ASCOREL’s Anti-Collision systems!

The “Dance of the Cranes”, a creative musical and dance performance inspired by the project’s architect, Renzo Piano, and carried out by Myron Michailidis, the artistic director of the Greek national Opera.