"Chantier de France" talk about our last new on-board weighing system MC403 


(J.D. 13.04.2017_Chantier de france.fr ) 

Chantiers de France

Ascorel : embedded weighing system for loader!


"Ascorel (Ascotronics Group) 
is launching a new onboard weighing system for the loader, its code name: MC 403 http://www.ascorel.com/

Main advantages, according to the designer:

  • the compactness in the cabin,
  • a large colored touch screen with a portrait and landscape mode,
  • a connectivity that allows data to be transmitted to the operating desk by USB key, wi-fi, GSM and Internet

... (read more on Chantier de france.fr - JD - 13.04.17)..